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+44 (0) 1371 850 008
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Year after year UK true crime fans ask us if we’ll ever bring CrimeCon across the pond. We’re thrilled to have found the right partners so we can finally answer yes! CrimeCon is more than just an event: it is a platform for advocacy, education, compassion, and justice.

Kevin Balfe


The Assembly have been amazing working with our digital channels, they have a great understanding of the virtual world.

Nicole Cooper

Fitzall Media

Rare people who can negotiate a win win. An absolute pleasure to work with.

Suzie Burns

Sponsorship Director - Mediacom now Fuse

Highly professional and expert at good client relationships.

Julia Goodwin

Editor of House Beautiful - Hearst Publications

A good understanding of our business strategy and always ensured our objectives as a company and brand were met.

Ashley Smith

Philips Lighting Marketing Manager

I had the pleasure to work with Michael, the professionalism shown was outstanding.

Paul Burke

Coo House of Fraser China

Nancy just got it!

Paula Gregory

Virgin Media Events - Planning & Production Manager

Jane Galpin combines warmth, capability and accomplished people skills with a powerful work ethic as a hall mark of a career spanning decades in broadcast, fashion and live eventing. Jane is a prolific fixer.

Caryn Franklin

M.B.E. MSc (Psych) Fashion & Identity Commentator

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