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Virtual Events

Introducing Enso

Encapsulating the best of physical events, enso delivers immersive virtual destinations and hybrid solutions, that will engage audiences. As virtual experiences and remote collaboration become the norm, we are partnering with clients to enable smarter working and effective audience engagement.

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The enso family consists of the Essence, Presence and Universe platforms – covering every hybrid and virtual need from remote collaboration, new hybrid event formats, content rich portals and destinations, through to powerful 3D immersive events and campus style engagement worlds for brands and organisations.

What makes enso different?

  •    It’s an ecosystem – we have platforms to cover all virtual or hybrid needs
  •    Fully customisable – from templated environments to literally whatever you can imagine
  •    Integrated with – Zoom, Eventbrite, Shopify, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft Power BI
  •    Tried & tested – built from components with a proven track record
  •    Customised journeys – personalised itineraries for content and lead collection

Discover your ideal solution within the ecosystem; accessible, intuitive, interactive, high quality, flexible and focused on providing a valuable, fun and memorable experience.

The Assembly Events Branding.


Blend your physical event into a truly immersive 3D virtual world. Take a virtual first approach with a curated immersive 3D virtual world. Craft end-to-end user experiences that reimagine the benefits of a physical event. Full scale exhibitions with built in commerce.

The World is Changing promo of Enso 3D virtual platform, launched by The Assembly Events.
The Assembly Events Branding.


Cut through the noise and reimagine remote collaboration. Compliment a physical event or reimagine the remote collaboration landscape, with best practice ideation software and production services.

The Digital wall as part of the promo video for Enso 3D virtual platform, launched by The Assembly Events.
The Assembly Events Branding.


Create an online destination that delivers premium content and customer experiences. Encompasses the best from physical events with our web-based platform. From product showcases to social media integration, presence can complement any event with its extensive feature set.

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