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True Crime Awards

Introducing the True Crime Awards

The True Crime Awards exists to recognise the incredible content from within the true crime genre. The awards bring together creators and producers across on screen, podcast and publishing sectors in order to recognise the time, energy and effort that goes into the content they create.

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Whether it is documentaries, podcasts, books or dramas, the rise in popularity of true crime has been exponential. It takes a particular skill set and expertise to research and retell a true story both accurately and entertainingly. The ability to devote the time, effort and often mental strain needed to delve into some of the most horrific stories in order to produce true crime content for public consumption deserves recognition.

The True Crime Awards was created as a way to, for the very first time, recognise the genre with a multi-industry approach, putting true crime content at it’s centre.

From encouraging nominations and procuring partnerships to celebrating creators and operationalising the process and event, the Assembly engineered the idea and brought it to fruition after recognising the need to celebrate the genre by being so immersed in the true crime landscape through CrimeCon UK.

What’s next?

The inaugural awards ceremony in June 2023 celebrates the content created and broadcast in 2022 and, with the support of the esteemed panel of 30 industry experts, the winners will be recognised. The quality and volume of entries was incredible – so much so that the judges had a very difficult task in curating the shortlist.

This will be the launch of what we expect to be an annual event which will be a staple for those both in industry and across the genre.

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